If Harry Potter were a real person, he would haveĀ turned 33 years old yesterday. Oh, and he'd probably also not have, like, magical powers and stuff. But he almost certainly would have an emotionally-stunted alcoholic former classmate who would drunkenly stumbled through the public-domain version of 'Happy Birthday' for him before heading off to puke in a strip club toilet somewhere.

Bringing that reality to life last night was Simon Peggā€”in New York City to promote his pub crawl apocalypse film The World's Endā€”onĀ Late Night With Jimmy FallonĀ doing an impeccable inebriated 30-something Ron Weasley, marking his second cinematic impersonation in one day. Earlier yesterday, Pegg portrayedĀ a more-gingery Rocky BalboaĀ on Philadelphia's Art Museum steps.