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Watch Sherlock reimagined as the Friends opening

It’s been over a year since the season two cliffhanger finale of Sherlock premiered on BBC, which has left many fans demanding why no one told them life was gonna be this way. In fact, it feels like they’re always stuck in second gear. Like it hasn’t been their day, their week, their month, or even their year.

Thankfully the Internet has provided the Sherlock/Friends mash-up fans never knew they were missing. The reimagined Sherlock opening—set to The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You,” of course—is a small glimpse into what it would be like if Sherlock used his dashing good looks and scarf-wearing abilities to search for love instead of clues. (In this scenario we’re imagining Sherlock is Ross and Watson is Rachel.) The third season of Sherlock premieres on PBS January 19.

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