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Watch Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunite for a new installment of “Really!?!”

Seth Meyers doesn’t often make web headlines for stuff he does on Late Night With Seth Meyers, whether that’s by design or by horrible fate. Last night, though, Meyers teamed up with old Saturday Night Live pal Amy Poehler to re-create “Really!?!,” a segment the two used to do as part of Weekend Update. While most of the country is taking on the Confederate flag issue, Poehler and Meyers instead chose to wax emphatic on the issue of women’s sports, which have been in the news after a Sports Illustrated writer, Andy Benoit, tweeted that “women’s sports in general [are] not worth watching.” As you’ll see in the clip below, Poehler and Meyers had some harsh words for Benoit, who they call “the same guy who sits inside on a nice day [to watch] the NFL draft,” an event Meyers says is “a full day [waiting] to find out if your favorite college player is going to have to go mansion shopping in Jacksonville or Tampa Bay.”

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