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Watch Selena Gomez get absurdly excited about ABC's Shark Tank

Photo: Selena Gomez (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images); Mark Cuban (Mike Windle/Getty Images

Celebrities are not above having television obsessions, too, and Selena Gomez can definitely relate. She’s wholeheartedly on the fandom train for Shark Tank,  and just freaked out about getting a birthday gift that involves the entrepreneurial ABC reality show. For her birthday, which was on July 22, her friends showed her a video that includes different clips from The Office, Friends, and her BFF, Taylor Swift, before Shark Tank’s very own Mark Cuban showed up to wish Gomez a happy 27th birthday. Her friends subsequently dropped the bomb that they’d be taking her to a taping of the show this September. To say she was excited is an understatement.


Gomez posted the whole exchange on her Instagram, writing, “Not many of you know but I am obsessed with shark tank. Two of my best friends nailed my gift 😁.” It looks like the show’s “sharks” are just as excited—Daymond John and Lori Greiner both shared their support and congrats on achieving what all fangirls need: tangible validation that their obsession will amount to something one day. She’s not the only celeb with heart eyes for the massively popular investment show. Seth MacFarlane popped by once to (awkwardly) help out a friend in selling his product, and guest judges have included Ashton Kutcher and Bethenny Frankel as well.

Another celebrity fan whose enthusiasm rivals Gomez’s is actress Emily Blunt. During a 2018 interview with Today Show’s Sunday Sitdown, husband John Krasinksi butted in from afar with some leading questions about her “Shark Tank addiction.” He also did a little fishing for compliments on the Shark Tank-themed birthday cake he got her one year, one we’re sure Gomez hopes her friends recreate next year. 

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