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Watch Sacha Baron Cohen feed a food critic a filet of "Chinese dissident"

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? didn’t put forth its best effort last night, but it did feature one of the series’ most memorable stunts to date. Ex-con Rick Sherman, a character that’s only gotten better and better with each appearance, reemerged last night as a budding chef bringing what he learned in prison kitchens to the world of fine dining. Food critic Bill Jilla fawns over his creations, which include veal that’s been “anally aged” in a “strawberry prophylactic” and, shockingly, the flesh of a “vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident.”

The shot of Jilla cutting open the condom with a dinner knife is funny enough, but his rapturous description of it being “the best braised veal I’ve ever had in my lifetime” is sublime. As for the “flesh”: “Butter. It’s like butter soft,” he says. “Who needs a knife?”

Because this is Baron Cohen, who will never hesitate to bring a stunt deeper into the realm of absurdity, Jilla is then encouraged to look into the camera and tell the parents of the “dissident” just how delicious their son tastes. “It’s just simply melting on my palate,” he says so, so earnestly. You can’t write this shit. Watch it above.


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