If you read our interview with Ryan Adams earlier this month, you know the man is a huge metal fan—he’s particularly partial to ’80s gutter-metal outfit Ratt and contemporary black-metal group Satyricon—and pretty hilarious in a likeably loopy sort of way. (We’re still holding out hope for “jive-turkeying” to become a meme.) Adams’ love of metal and his sense of humor are on full display in Night Sweats, a fake video show co-hosted by a barking goth girl named Balphazar that recently appeared on YouTube. Adams talks about some of his favorite metal acts—including Satyricon, Emperor, and Darkthrone—as well as his own video for “Lucky Now,” even though “it’s not exactly as metal as I would like it.” We’re not sure what to make of it, but like the man who made the video, Night Sweats is pretty weird and entirely unpredictable. [via Pitchfork]