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Watch Rick And Morty’s Justin Roiland knock back shots to method act “Drunk Rick”

Rick And Morty

Rick And Mortys Rick Sanchez is always kind of drunk; his belching, stumbling alcoholism is one of the character’s many endearing(?) personal foibles. Apparently, though, the show’s third season will find Rick getting even more sloshed than usual, a situation that forced co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland to do some clearly unsafe method acting to nail the part of “Drunk Rick.”

Luckily, Adult Swim was on hand to tape one of its employees knocking back tequila shots in the booth, as producer Sydney Ryan tries to keep Roiland vaguely on script. It is, to be frank, a clusterfuck, albeit a fun one, especially with Dan Harmon playing the devil on Roiland’s shoulder, encouraging him to get wasted “for the art.”


[via Uproxx]

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