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Watch Retta, Megan Amram, and “Weird Al” wax rhapsodic about birth-control yogurt

Women. In commercials at least, they’re always chatting sunnily with their purposefully multi-ethnic friends about the two subjects no impressively eclectic group of actors paid to portray girlfriends can stop talking about, at least for the purposes of commerce: birth control and yogurt.

But what if a magical product were to combine these two preoccupations? That’s the premise behind “Birth Control On The Bottom,” a pitch-perfect send-up of yogurt commercials, birth-control commercials, and the surprisingly massive space where they overlap. The video, a part of Yahoo’s weekly comedy series Sketchy, is filled with familiar faces, including Parks & Recreation’s Retta, Twitter maven Megan Amram, and, oh yeah, “Weird Al,” whose reaction shots at the end are both hilarious and kinda disturbing.


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