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Watch Portlandia’s defense of real nerds

For those who neither watch Portlandia nor read Les Chappell’s weekly recaps, YouTube user smathew88 has posted the unsettlingly earnest-seeming nerd PSA from last week’s episode so that even those without IFC can understand that, as Brian P., “an actual nerd,” puts it: “A sexy girl who went and saw a second-week screening of The Avengers is not a nerd.” The clip has already begun to make its way around the Internet, even garnering the approval of nerd elites like comedian Patton Oswalt, who tweeted “YES” of the video earlier today. Get it through your skulls, hipsters and uninteresting good-looking people: you’re not a nerd just because you’ve read a comic book. The more you knerd… [via Tastefully Offensive]

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