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Watch Paul McCartney and a robot hang out, explore humanity

When you’re Paul McCartney and you need to make a new music video, what is there left to do? You’ve already danced near an old-timey car with Michael Jackson for “Say, Say, Say,” gathered all your celebrity friends at Abbey Road for “Queenie Eye,” and you even got a ghostly Natalie Portman to bust a move for “Dance Tonight.” There are only so many more outlandish, boundary-pushing videos left to make.

Fortunately, the ex-Beatle found a way to pull another one out for “Appreciate,” a track off 2013’s New. In the clip below, McCartney is part of a museum of humans that’s visited by a robot named Newman. Newman spots McCartney and his bass, is intrigued, and decides to make the lovable McCartney his pal. The clip boasts some impressive production—something that’s fairly unsurprising, considering the McCartney-sized (and Microsoft-sponsored) budget behind it. Bonus fun fact: Newman was designed by the same people who did the puppet for War Horse (the play, not the 2011 Steven Spielberg movie.)


McCartney’s touring the world this summer and fall. Dates are available on his website.

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