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Watch part 2 of our exclusive web series premiere, The Benefits Of Gusbandry

Last week, we debuted the first half of “FML,” the third episode of excellent new web series The Benefits of Gusbandry. Today, we present the conclusion of this stirring tale of tawdry sexual encounters and standing in a nearly three-hour line to get artisanal ice cream. Without saying too much, we can reveal that neither Jackie‘s venture into the world of NSA sex nor River‘s attempt to have a meaningful romantic date go exactly as planned. However, we can assure you the wait was well worth it, as the awkward comedic payoff demonstrates again how smart and well-crafted this show is. Alicia J. Rose’s tale of sexual and emotional mayhem continues to be among the better web series vying for your attention. Watch them all, and then feel free to enact your own painfully stilted sexcapade at your local sex shop.

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