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Watch Pam Poovey from Archer resolve an internal conflict with a hand puppet

It's difficult to imagine a less effective or more hilarious Human Resources Director than Archer’s Pam Poovey, the drift-racing, pot-smoking, ISIS resident gossip. In the run-up to the show’s fifth season, Floyd County Productions has assembled several extra videos featuring the ISIS team, including the Top Gun “Danger Zone” video last month. The clip that debuted at UPROXX today features production values eerily reminiscent of the Dharma Initiative orientation videos from Lost—with Dr. Krieger introducing Pam role-playing conflict resolution with a hand puppet. Lil’ Pam is a mouthy, mean outlet for Pam’s self-loathing, as she unloads a string of insults that only Pam’s untethered id would throw out. Krieger’s own puppet, on the other hand, only reinforces his happy thoughts. The A.V. Club will have an exclusive clip from this web-only series of videos on Thursday. Season five of Archer begins in January.

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