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With its coverage growing increasingly prophetic, The Onion staff recently pulled back the curtain to reveal just how all of this fake, occasionally prescient news makes it to digital print. Today’s Willie Geist ventured into The Onion’s stronghold, located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, which is usually just a stone’s throw away from various construction sites. Geist sat in on an Onion writers meeting, and interviewed editor-in-chief Cole Bolton about the publication’s long-term plans to work with Geist.

Warning: This video features exacting standards, and some light Today show host ribbing.


As you can see, working at The Onion is a lot like working anywhere else, especially if you also happen to work in online (dare we say print?) media and have had to contend with its ever-changing landscape. There’s just a greater chance of becoming an avatar for one of the four seasons, or being retweeted by a presidential hopeful’s campaign.

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