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Watch Oscar-nominated actors react to their own Oscar-nominated performances

Hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars recently gathered to celebrate the annual handing out of tiny golden statues, the receiving of which is the only way an actor can really know whether they did a good job. As part of the process, the actors must watch short clips of their nominated performances play out onscreen, an experience that may feel a little something like when ordinary people listen to their own voices played back for them, only in an enormous hall alongside thousands of other people with millions more watching at home.

The hardworking voyeurs over at The Verge put together a reel showing how the nominated actors reacted to seeing their most Oscar-worthy moments up on screen. The supercut highlights reactions from such nominees as Michael Keaton, who looked shocked and appalled; Eddie Redmayne, who looked slightly embarrassed; Robert Duvall, who looked pretty pleased with himself; and Patricia Arquette, whose face betrayed little emotion, because she’s wise to this game and didn’t want her reaction described. It almost worked.


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