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Watch Nick Kroll, Seth Green, Paul Scheer, and more do a live reading of Space Jam

In February, rumors spread that LeBron James would be following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and co-starring alongside Looney Tunes characters for a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Space Jam. Those claims proved dubious when James’ legal team squashed the buzz, but that’s not kept people from offering up wish lists of what NBA players could fill Jordan’s shoes if a Space Jam sequel were to materialize. And now, with no new updates since the James debacle, Funny Or Die took to assembling an all-star cast of athletes, comedians, and actors to do a live table-read of the film.

In the below 10-minute highlight video, the live rendition of Space Jam sees the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin sub in for Michael Jordan (with his teammate DeAndre Jordan doing his best Charles Barkley), while Seth Green dons rabbit ears for a soulful take on Bugs Bunny, Nick Kroll offers up Daffy Duck’s stutters and stammers, and a slew of others—Paul Scheer, Girl Meets World’s Danielle Fishel, and Parks And Recreation’s Ben Schwartz—fill in the rest. The video also serves as a reminder for this author to primp his decorative Space Jam pillowcases, because collector’s items such as those deserve the very best treatment.


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