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Last summer Chicago’s My Dad released a split with Fat History Month, and the result was the band’s exploration of more avant-garde territory. That trend continues with its upcoming 7-inch for Naked Ally Records (and Black Lake Records in the U.K.), Mouth Bleeder. Lead by Dave Collis, the songs have added more experimental layers with every turn, and with the band’s current iteration featuring three drummers, the noise pulses unpredictably, making listeners worry about whether it will run off the rails or stay firmly on track for the song’s duration.


The A.V. Club is premiering the video for Mouth Bleeder’s “Uncle Bacon Face” below. The band’s upcoming shows, which include a stop at Skeletal Lightning Fest, are also below.

My Dad tour 2014

March 18–Emporium–Chicago, Illinois
April 10–Township–Chicago, Illinois
April 13–Skeletal Lighnting Fest–Urbana, Illinois

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