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Sesame Street has long been a purveyor of quality Muppet-based parodies of pop culture favorites, and its latest should be a hit with the Bravo set. “The Real Grouches Of Sesame Street” follows Oscar, Grundgetta, and Diva GarbageDump as they mix with outsider Grover and revel in treating each other terribly. It’s not too different from any of the Real Housewives franchises in that way, really.

Like most Sesame Street parodies, it’s full of great references to the original product. At the grouch version of an open mic night—a traditional Housewives setting for whatever bad talent one of the cast members has to offer—Grundgetta angles to perform her take on a Countess Luann classic, the aptly retitled “Money Can’t Buy You Trash.” Diva GarbageDump who—not unlike Lisa Vanderpump—has an omnipresent tiny dog and owns a restaurant, the FUR Lounge, is ready for her take on Erika Jayne, “Pretty Messy.” Each of the grouches also gets a Housewives-style opening line, with Oscar taking all comers with, “I have a taste for trash… and trash has a taste for me.”

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