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Despite ending more than 16 years ago, Seinfeld still resonates with people at large. In fact, any time there’s a hint of a reunion, people get excited—despite the fact that there’s already been one commercial with George Costanza and Jerry talking in the diner. Or an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm which centered around the rebirth of the popular sitcom (and the real-life demise of Larry David’s marriage…you know, just like in a show “about nothing”). But no matter how many times these small gatherings of (mostly) beloved actors happen, usually centered around Jerry Seinfeld’s popular Crackle.com series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, it still makes waves. The latest mini-reunion will also make some waves, though maybe not for the reasons intended.

Michael Richards plays Dick Corcoran, president of Crackle (apparently reprising his role from an earlier skit), who desperately needs to speak with Seinfeld. Thanks to the dangers of Ancestry.com, Corcoran has discovered that he has some of Hitler’s genes in him and needs Jerry…well, the video is called “Getting Busy With My Sweetie.” Richards still has some great comedic chops and the pair has great chemistry after working together so long. It’s just a bit uncomfortable that Richards does so many cultural and Jewish jokes along with the Hitler stuff, considering his most infamous moment eight years ago, though that’s probably the intent or at least part of the cachet the duo are using to increase the awkwardness of the sketch. Still there are some laughs, and it does mean more delightful, if fluffy, episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee are coming.

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