As a fan of both Breaking Bad and original digital shorts, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t let the final episodes pass without one last celebration. Last night’s episode of Late Night contained a 13-minute short entitled Joking Bad, all about the money to be made selling high-purity jokes in the six months Fallon has left before moving to The Tonight Show. Fallon stars as Walt, with announcer Steve Higgins as Jesse—constantly spouting “Bitch!” at every opportunity—and head writer A.D. Miles as Hank, who investigates jokes from the show getting out of the building. The style of Breaking Bad is there in some ridiculous POV shots attached to pencils, surreptitiously selling jokes to Colin Quinn outside the Comedy Cellar, hanging out in the RV (the Roots Vehicle), and a joke so purely funny the Gus stand-in laughs his ass off in the style of “Face Off.” It even features some nice easter eggs—look for the pink teddy bear in the background—and cameos from Bob Odenkirk as Saul, and Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston (throwing a pizza!) in the audience. But the video saves the best for last, with its own version of Hector Salamanca out to take down Fallon before it’s too late.