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Watch Kroll Show’s Liz hang out with Seth Rogen and James Franco

In an act of shamelessly fun cross-promotion, Seth Rogen and James Franco have interviewed PubLIZity’s Liz G. (Nick Kroll) for an opportunity to run promotions on The Interview, which opens December 25. Kroll Show (featuring Liz and other Kroll characters) returns for a third season on January 13.

The less said about the movie’s real-life international P.R. imbroglio, the better. Sufficed to say if Franco and Rogen are considering the agency whose name is “based off our naaymes,” things must be serious. Or not.


As Kroll Show sketches tend to do, things unravel quickly. A palpable sexual tension grows between Rogen and Liz. Franco’s bafflement erupts in hostile disgust. Liz’s marketing ideas are as horrible as her taste in chunky jewelry.

The interview telegraphs a conclusion that is either satisfying or horrifying, depending how you feel about first-base Kroll sandwiches. At least it wasn’t Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland.

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