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Author, podcaster, bon vivant, and all-around delight Julie Klausner is to redhead rights and redhead pride what Huey Newton was to the Black Power movement: a strong, proud black man standing tall and proud against institutionalized oppression and the white man’s lies. No, wait, that might have actually been an incredibly inaccurate, even offensive comparison, but there is no denying that Klausner is chockablock with redhead pride.


This led her and her loyal, game sidekicks Chris “Spoony” Spooner and musician Ted Leo to deliver an irreverent, entertaining video report on their trip to “Rock It Like A Redhead,” the first-ever beauty-and-fashion event for redheads only (though this isn’t apparent in the video, non-redheads who attempted to enter the event were massacred on sight). Hijinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery ensue (yes, all three) as Leo devolves into an old-timey Irish brogue and Spoony embraces his feminine/redhead side in amusingly disturbing/possibly criminal ways. Enjoy.

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