To commemorate the magazine’s 100th anniversary, Vanity Fair has commissioned videos on each decade of the magazine’s existence from people like Brett Ratner, Don Cheadle, and Bryce Dallas Howard. They gave the '90s to Judd Apatow, who instead of making a short film, simply sat down to dish about the decade and its oddities with Maria Bamford. They browse through the covers of Vanity Fair from that decade and note all the heaving bosoms through the years, including one issue with Dolly Parton that made a boob pun about Desert Storm. They discuss the days without ubiquitous technology (“Did they have the Internet back then?” “No they didn’t, they only had wood.”) And they cycle through the big cultural events of the decade, from Tonya Harding ("Remember when that girl hit the other girl in the knee so she could win the Olympics?") and O.J. Simpson (“It’s so easy to pretend you can’t get in a glove.”) to the Tickle Me Elmo and The Spice Girls. The lightning round of '90s trivia is particularly awesome, as Bamford struggles to give a correct answer. It’s a nostalgic romp that doesn’t pander too much and still highlights awesome things like Reality Bites.