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Watch Jordan Peele honor Tracy Morgan with a very weird Larry Flynt story

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Earlier this week, at Tracy Morgan’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony, Jordan Peele gave a touching speech about the SNL veteran’s natural talent as a performer and tireless work ethic. He also told a pretty weird story about the time he and Tracy Morgan met Larry Flynt. In addition to being hilarious, the seemingly nonsensical story was also a perfect encapsulation of what makes Tracy Morgan so great. (Peele’s speech begins at 5:10).

“First thing he said, ‘Jordan, you know, your work helped me through a very difficult time and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Anything you ever need from me and I’ll be there for you,’” Peele said about the first time he ever met Tracy Morgan, two years prior, at the Four Seasons hotel. Having grown up watching Morgan perform his insane antics on Def Comedy Jam, the kind words meant a lot to Peele and he felt an immediate, close connection with one of his comedy idols. Later in that same meeting, Morgan, in his signature haphazard approach to conversation, directed Peele’s attention to the fact that Hustler founder Larry Flynt was sitting across the dining room. Despite Peele’s lack of interest in meeting the smut-magazine mogul, Tracy Morgan marched right over to him and gave a very familiar sounding compliment.


“‘Mr. Flynt, I just want to say your work helped me through a very hard time. If there’s anything you need from me, I’ll be there for you,’” Peele recounts in his spot-on Tracy Morgan impression. Apparently, Larry Flynt then looked up at the pair of comedians and “with all the love in his heart,” proceeded to make a loud, wheezing groan. And that was it. That was the first time Jordan Peele met Tracy Morgan, and likely the last time he met Larry Flynt.

Peele then continued his speech with a hilariously touching story of Morgan’s recovery from his 2014 car accident, further proving that the comedian was long overdue for this honor. Then, Tracy Morgan himself stepped to the mic and recounted the long journey of his career with humor, heart, and, of course, his signature bravado.

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