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Watch Jon Wurster and Aimee Mann play a couple of star-crossed John Denver lovers in a new video

Aimee Mann and Jon Wurster should make more music videos together. The two have already teamed up for a couple, including Mann’s excellent clip for “Labrador,” and just today popped up playing a couple of John Denver lovers in a clip for a Denver song. The song, “Prisoners,” is a cover by Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis and Sharon Van Etten and appears on ATO’s recent compilation The Music Is You: A Tribute To Jon Denver.

The Scott Jacobson-directed clip is truly a love letter to both Denver and the aesthetic he inspired, as both Wurster and Mann fling around their sandy blond wigs with aplomb. There are also puppets involved, which is either an homage to Denver’s good relationship with The Muppets or a nod to puppets just being a fun thing to have in music videos.


"Prisoners" by J Mascis and Sharon Van Etten from Aimee Mann

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