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Watch Jon Hamm and other Mad Men bowl against the Nerdist team

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In a recent interview, Chris Hardwick talked to us about the growth of his Nerdist empire, which now includes its own YouTube channel. One of the regular series on the new channel is “Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling,” which makes sense as Hardwick’s father was a well-known PBA bowler. So far, Hardwick and his Nerdist rollers have taken on a team from G4 and a bunch of celebrity chefs but the newest installment is probably the coolest. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, sporting a new beard (which A.V. Club editorial ninja Genevieve Koski has given a thumbs down), swung by to roll a few frames with a few fellow co-stars (a similarly bearded Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell, and Rich Sommer, a.k.a. Harry Crane) plus show creator Matt Weiner in tow. It’s a fun time, with Kartheiser teasing Weiner (“The Kardashians get better numbers!”), Hamm trying to murder Hardwick via banana peel, and Hardwick, unsurprisingly, dominating. If you ever wanted to see Weird Al face off against Don Draper in bowling, your dreams have come true.

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