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Watch John Waters talk about his career and upcoming book with Prince Paul

Last year, John Waters made headlines when he got picked up while hitchhiking in Ohio, then revealed it was all part of his research for a book, Carsick, set to be released next June. In this interview for Scion AV's The All Purpose Show, he talks about the project with hip-hop producer Prince Paul, while also touching briefly on a host of other topics from the director’s life. These include: Waters’ iconic mustache (“I wanted to be Little Richard, so I just stole his look”), unique sense of style (“I thought fashion was important because it makes people nervous”), and Baltimore being the only consistent character in his films. Also, Waters discusses helping actors like Johnny Depp and Traci Lords escape being pigeonholed (“If you want to change something bad about you, come and make fun of it”), as well as taking ownership of negative criticism, saying, “If you do beat your critics to the typewriter, you win.” As always, Waters is a consummate charmer.

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