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Watch John Hodgman shop willy-nilly at Amoeba Records

Every so often, Amoeba Records gives famous and famous-ish visitors to the store a decent amount of money and sets them free to shop its CDs, LPs, DVDs, and more willy-nilly. Then they make a video about what that person buys, calls it “What’s In My Bag,” and slaps it on the Internet. The store’s made a number of interesting and adorable clips with people like Jason Schwartzman and Justin Townes Earle, but John Hodgman’s, up earlier this week, is pretty fun in its own right. In it, the author and deranged millionaire picks up two DVDs, Island Of Lost Souls and The Cabin In The Woods, as well as the latest records by Megafaun and Benjamin Gibbard. Watch the video and judge his choices accordingly.


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