Trick shots are always awesome, whether they’re made by bowlers, pool players, or NBA showboats. Throw in a few hilarious Hollywood stars, though, and they’re even better. Brothers Nick and Jack Packard have made a bunch of bowling trick shot videos for Funny Or Die, but for their latest, they roped in some big name co-bowlers, from Adam Scott to bowling svengali John Goodman. Watch steely-eyed Home Improvement star Richard Karn use a remote-control car to knock down some pins, Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston bounce a bowling ball off a trampoline, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenny make a shot that involves both a mini-tramp and a car. All of this probably took forever to film, but fortunately the brothers also provide a video of behind the scenes mishaps and foibles, because while seeing the completed shot can be pretty damn satisfying, seeing someone get hit in the face with a bowling ball is also pretty cathartic.

All Star Bowling Trick Shots from Adam Scott


All Star Bowling Trick Shots - BEHIND THE SCENES from Almost Twins