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Watch Jimmy Fallon help Will Forte test his beard for fecal matter

Earlier this year, a whole slew of articles came out about how, statistically, most men with beards have at least a little fecal matter roaming around their faces. In short, if you’ve got a beard, you’ve got poop on your face, poopface. Terrified by those articles, The Last Man On Earth star Will Forte has spent months worried that he too has a shitty face. Thankfully, The Tonight Show was there to help him out. For Forte’s appearance on the show last night, Jimmy Fallon and company enlisted UCLA’s Dr. Sunny Ray test the actor for all manner of bacteria, bugs, and gross creepy-crawlies.

As you’ll see in the clip below, Forte brought in Jon Hamm and Rachel Dratch to act as moral support as the results came in. While he tested positive for bacteria found in soil, dirty sneakers, dirty showers, trash cans, and beer, Forte eventually (and thankfully) found out that he’s poop free, a notion that led him to sprint into the audience and rub his beard all over a bunch of unsuspecting strangers. So while he might have not had poop in his beard last night, it’s anyone’s guess what’s in there now.

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