Season four of Community was an unmitigated debacle, making the prospects of the DVD release rather bleak. But there’s at least one thing that makes the promotional ramp-up worth it: Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton filming a recruitment video for Greendale—that presumably didn’t go horrifically over budget or cost the students their sanity. Dean Pelton introduces the “Straight A’s” of Greendale—while struggling with motioning to the green screen titles and covering up a murder on campus involving the Human Being. It’s yet another charming and delightful moment for Jim Rash to get an extended featurette extoling the many mediocrities of Greendale. Remember: "everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but the beauty of Greendale is that you won't be confronted with either of them!" If you need us this afternoon, we’ll be in our Advanced Banner Writing class.