Podcaster extraordinaire Jesse Thorn and his Jordan, Jesse, Go! co-host Jordan Morris had a grand idea to cause public euphoria: giving away free ice cream to 1,000 people and documenting the happiness. The two started a Kickstarter campaign designed around taking a trip to Denver with a director and filming at an ice cream shop for a day, handing out cones to anyone who came through. In a quick 10-day window at the end of July, the campaign just barely skated through with the money from over 600 backers, and now the highlight video of Thorn and Morris helping to hand out 1,000 cones at Sweet Action Ice Cream is up. There are smiles all around—and more than one kid dropping a scoop on the ground to be licked up by a dog—and even one overcommitted woman who decides to get a tattoo to commemorate the podcast and the event. It’s not the epic spur-of-the-moment insanity of a gaggle of kids ambushing an ice cream truck in Humboldt Park while The Melvins play, but it’s enough to warm your heart.