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Watch Jerry Seinfeld talk about collaborating with Wale and why he’s kind of a rapper too

Wale’s Seinfeld obsession is about to reach its peak. After the D.C. rapper’sThe Mixtape About Nothing featured Seinfeld-inspired track names, dialogue samples, and a cameo from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the only thing left for Wale to do was collaborate with Jerry Seinfeld himself. Now it seems he's doing just that on an upcoming mixtape.

In the video below, Seinfeld explains why he agreed to collaborate with Wale and producer DJ Omega, even though he admits he knows nothing about hip hop: Because, in addition to liking Wale’s music, Seinfeld’s wife is a huge fan. Meanwhile, Seinfeld also purports to be something of a rapper himself, saying he previously tried to collaborate with Diddy, and claiming, “Hip-hop is words, and I do words."


The Wale-Seinfeld collaboration doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect it to blow up bigger than a big salad. [via Spin]


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