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Watch Japanese teens cover The Promise Ring, Stone Roses, Weezer, dozens more

A friend of mine somehow stumbled on a YouTube video of some Japanese teens doing spot-on covers of Promise Ring songs—clearly very well rehearsed, intensely earnest, and surprisingly career-spanning. (He tweeted about it because both of us go way back with The Promise Ring, and it was so funny and sweet that these kids are still so excited.) But diving into the YouTube channel that houses it unveiled a week’s worth of internet rabbit-hole diving, with short—20 minutes of so—sets of cover songs. Though everything appears to be credited to “Beat Pops,” I don’t think that’s the name of one band: Sometimes it’s the same people, sometimes not. Frequently they’re playing in what looks like a basement club, sometimes elsewhere. The bands that are covered lean heavy on ’90s emo, from The Promise Ring to Mineral to Knapsack, but also covers everything from the Pixies and Pavement to Rage Against The Machine. What comes through in every video that I’ve watched so far is a joyous passion for the music, and I’m trying not to spend the rest of today getting through pieces of every single one. For your edification, some choice sets are embedded below, and the entire channel can be found here.

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