If any musician working today knows about vinyl pressing and production, it’s Jack White. The ex-White Stripe has his own vinyl-only label, Third Man, and has produced not only straight-up 180 gram black LPs, but also triple-decker records, LPs with liquid centers, and even records on goddamn vintage X-Rays. It makes sense, then, that he’s been named this year’s Record Store Day ambassador, following in the small, shaky footsteps of Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne.

A heartfelt and lengthy statement from White accompanied the news, as well as a pretty hilarious video of him giving a tour of the United Record Pressing plant, in which he divulges secrets about asteroids, the Masons, and the NBA draft. Watch it here and be impressed by White once again.


This year, Record Store Day takes place on Saturday, April 20 at independent retailers all over the country. A full list of the special release that will be available hasn’t been announced, but Wax Poetic has a post about what it knows to be coming so far, including records from Best Coast, Roky Erickson, David Bowie, and R. Kelly.