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Watch Idris Elba get tactile in the new video for Mumford & Sons' "Lover Of The Light"

The new video for Mumford & Sons' single, "Lover Of The Light," is impressionistic to the point of inscrutability, but one thing is clear: The bald emotionality of Idris Elba's performance would undoubtedly put Stringer Bell to shame.

Elba—who is both the singular star and director along with Dan Cadan—spends the majority of the video oscillating between joy and panic as he starts his day by putting on a suit and tie and sprinting through the woods. Aside from presumably loving light, Elba's character is pretty mysterious. He may be blind or just really like touching things. He may be mentally ill or just like talking to himself. He also may be a deer or something.


Mumford & Sons' latest album, Babel, was released in September.

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