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Watch Hugh Jackman go absolutely nuts recording sound effects for Logan

Logan (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

If you need proof that Hugh Jackman is both the hardest-working and the nicest man in Hollywood, look no further than this video he posted on his Instagram and Twitter. The video shows Jackman recording ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for Logan. But rather than looping actual dialogue, he’s looping his breath and growls from a fight scene toward the end of the film. And it’s basically a master class in actorly commitment in even the least organic of settings.


Jackman pantomimes the whole sequence in the recording booth, slipping easily into the feral Wolverine persona he’s been playing for the past 17 years. But maybe the most fascinating moment comes right at the very end of the video when he drops out of Wolverine fight mode and delivers a casual “hi” to the camera. You quite literally see him transform from Wolverine back to Jackman as he straightens up from his fighting stance. All of which is a nice reminder that, unlike some other superhero actors who need to mail people used condoms and dead pigs to “get into character,” Jackman has the training of a true theater performer who can slip in and out of character without all the self-aggrandizing fuss.

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