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Watch Honest Trailers take The Dark Knight Rises down a peg

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Remember this past summer, when young love blossomed, children swarmed to community swimming pools, and expectant Christopher Nolan fans rallied together to abuse critics who attempted to engage in a discourse about The Dark Knight Rises by discussing and/or mentioning aspects of the film? That was uplifting. Heads have hopefully cooled since then, because Screen Junkies have teamed up with Red Letter Media for an installment of Honest Trailers in which they focus on the final film in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.


The results are more cathartic than illuminating. A lot of the issues brought up in the video—like poor pacing, plot holes, and unbelievable characters—have been whispered about behind closed (and locked, and bolted) doors since the film left theaters. Nonetheless, it feels good to hear someone say it, especially in that voice. [via io9]

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