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Watch high people grapple with the fact that they are on TV

Screenshot: YouTube

One of the first things you learn about smoking weed is how to control the social situations you find yourself in. Maybe you like going out and talking to people when high; maybe you just want to dissolve into a couch. Either way, getting acclimated with your preferences along those lines is a crucial early element in marijuana consumption, and it is normally arrived at by finding yourself way outside of your comfort zone. Like, for example, on television.

In celebration of 4/20 tomorrow, News Be Funny compiled this set of obviously high people on broadcast news segments. They range from Tommy Chong inadvertently admitting that he is high to people who never quite admit they are high but whose red eyes and dazed participation in the interview heavily suggest it. (There is also what appears to be a COPS-style segment midway through of a guy for whom marijuana seems to be but one of many problems, and it is as slimy and exploitative as all such COPS-style segments are.) All can be placed along a spectrum of how comfortable they are with the moment and their altered state.

Perhaps nobody comes off better than CNN broadcaster Randi Kaye, who seems to be climbing new peaks of enlightenment as Anderson Cooper interviews her live on air. And no one comes off worse than the zany weatherman who closes the segment, clearly evoking the guy who gets high and then starts doing magic tricks and funny voices and performatively describing every sensation he feels throughout the trip, thus ruining the experience for everyone, at least until he gets really self-conscious because no one is laughing at him and discreetly heads home. That guy is the worst.


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