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Watch Gonzo kill “The Humpty Dance”


The Muppets’ showbiz aficionado Gonzo is never one to turn down the chance to do something daring in front of an audience. Better yet, he isn’t afraid to make himself look ridiculous in the process. These qualities make the fuzzy one the perfect subject of the latest mashup from YouTube viral genius Mylo The Cat (the one responsible for Rowlf The Dog covering Biz Markie), which finds Gonzo getting down to Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance.” Gonzo is a dead ringer for Shock G, between his overgrown schnoz, bragging points (“Look at me, I’m skinny / It never stopped me from gettin’ busy / I’m a freak”) and ability to be both debonair and slightly sleazy. Better yet, Mylo managed to pick out the choicest scenes to illustrate the song: footage of a posse of glammed-up chickens, pimped-out Gonzo chilling in a snazzy car, harried Gonzo trying to psych himself up backstage.

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