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Watch Game Of Thrones’ Hodor totally Hodor a round of Family Feud

Caught up in another epic war between rival clans, Game Of Thrones’ pithy quipster Hodor appeared on Family Feud, where his skills at reading a room were once again put to the test. Of course, this is all just a bunch of Hodor: The whole thing was a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live, combining a recent, disastrous round from a player (who ostensibly had at least a few more words in her vocabulary) with new footage of Hodor disappointing host Steve Harvey, whose own unfamiliarity with subtlety definitely puts him at a disadvantage for interpreting the many shades of “Hodor.”

Anyway, as befitting a character who is the answer to his own question, you don’t actually have to watch this video to know how this joke plays out. But we will say Hodor totally got robbed on “Name something a person’s stomach does,” as anyone who’s ever eaten at Arby’s can attest.

[via Uproxx]


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