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Watch all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights with clear eyes, full hearts, Hulu

Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

Ensuring that the number of inevitable “Oh, but it’s not really about sports” conversations you’re likely to endure over the next few months is about to take a sharp uptick, Hulu announced today that it’s acquired all five seasons of Friday Night Lights for its streaming library. Fans and newcomers alike will now be able to visit (or revisit) Dillon, Texas, revel in the pure goodness and of Coach and Mrs. Taylor, and collectively roll their eyes at that stupid murder plot in season two.

Hulu’s acquisition of the perennial binge classic is apparently part of a new licensing deal with NBCUniversal, one that will hopefully bring other network classics to the service’s digital shores. Meanwhile, did you know The Wire is still streaming on HBO Go? Wait, you haven’t watched The Wire?Oh god,you gotta, it’s like a novel


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