Fred Armisen may have left Saturday Night Live, but as Portlandia lives on, he continues to play zany sketch characters connected to music. To promote Queens Of The Stone Age’s new album …Like Clockwork, Armisen plays Do Stuff Corporation pitchman Ricky Chism, introducing the deal of a lifetime: an eight gigabyte USB drive shaped like a bottle opener with the album and a bunch of bonus content—all for the low, low price of $29.99 (a questionable price, but combined the price of a deluxe album with a USB drive and bottle opener drive it make some sense.) Armisen’s sales pitch is appropriately ridiculous and vigorous, complete with a monologue about digital media and the viability of music on flash drives, but the best part is Armisen dancing along to previews of several tracks and then ordering himself five copies. Buy a copy (and get one free!) here.