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Watch Fred Armisen, Jon Wurster, Dave Grohl, more ogle Jason Narducy’s elbows

Jason Narducy is best known as the bass player in Bob Mould’s band and the male Laura Ballance, as he fills in for her at Superchunk performances these days. But Narducy has a long music career that stretches back to his teenage punk band in the ’80s (Verböten) and his alt band Verbow in the ’90s. His latest project is called Split Single—featuring Jon Wurster on drums and Britt Daniel on bass—and is releasing its debut full-length, Fragmented World, on April 1. As the video below makes clear, though, Narducy’s career as a musician has been overshadowed by his “sexiest elbows in rock,” which have been a blessing and a burden, as Wurster, Daniel, Fred Armisen, Bob Mould, Dave Grohl, and a bunch of others attest.

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