Blur's Damon Albarn at a recent show (Photo: Getty Images)

Though “Parklife” is a staple of Blur’s live shows, it’s hard for the band to do the song exactly like it appears on the LP of the same name. Considering the track features a heaping helping of chatter from British comedian Phil Daniels, when Blur does it live, it either has to bring Daniels along—a dicey proposition if the group’s on a lengthy tour—or just play over a vocal track, something that really lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. Fortunately for both Blur and its fans, Fred Armisen was able to step in for the band’s show last night at the Hollywood Bowl, giving the track a much more California spin than Daniels could have provided. Dropping in lines about the 101, personal trainers, and cold-pressed juice, Armisen makes an already pretty joke-filled track funny in a whole new way.


[via Vulture]