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Watch flying drones play music as humanity cowers in terror

In a truly worrying sign for the future of the human race, the folks over at KMel Robotics have taught machines how to express themselves musically. Using a variety of instruments, the team of terrifyingly named “hexrotors” have recreated three songs with the precise mechanical accuracy necessary to decimate humanity overnight. “Also Sprach Zarathustra” announces the arrival of our new overlords, while their performance of “Star Spangled Banner” mocks the very idea of any human government surviving in a post singularity future.

“Carol Of The Bells,” an already massively creepy song, is perhaps the most chilling (pun totally intended) song, as the hexrotors fly around five sets of bells in perfect synchronicity. Watch the video embedded below, stare into the cold, unfeeling blue eyes of a hexrotor, and then grab your go bag and head for the bunkers, people.

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