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Watch Florence Welch join a London cover band to sing “Get Lucky” after imbibing a bit too much liquid courage

Sometimes it’s nice to know that even enormously successful singers have their follies. Sourberry, the cover band at the South London Pacific, a tiki bar in Kennington, was warming up for its set when Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine hopped up on stage to sing a few songs. The band was playing a version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” but Welch only managed to get out about half of the words while mumbling the rest, allegedly thanks to the double-edged sword of too many tequila shots. She stuck around to sing The Gossip’s “In The Way Of Control” as well, then crowd-surfed away into the night. So the next time someone butchers “Dog Days Are Over” at karaoke, just know that it’s been worse.

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