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Watch Fight Club, Jurassic Park, and other full-length films as GIFs

Between work, family, friends, and social media, who has time to watch movies these days? Thankfully Reddit user matt01ss has solved the quintessential problem of the modern era by transforming full-length films into graphics interchange format for quick and easy consumption. The Full Movie GIFs subreddit allows viewers to watch entire films in seconds (while simultaneously tweeting, Instagramming, and gchatting about their experience, of course).

Wired has collected a gallery of the GIFs which so far include Top Gun, Avatar, Finding Nemo, and Jurassic Park. As the creator explained to Wired via a Reddit message, he “thought it would be interesting to see what an entire film would look like in a quick GIF form. You see interesting things with color changes, camera angles and overall production style when viewed in this fashion. They are not very hard to create, there is minimal editing.” While watching a sped-up, silent version might not fully capture the experience of watching a film, the GIFs are remarkably mesmerizing in their own way.  Plus next time someone asks if you’ve seen Fight Club, you can casually reply, “No, but I’ve seen the GIF version.”


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