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Slayer MacCheeze, Ronald Osbourne, Catburglar, and Grimalice of Mac Sabbath (Photo: Paul Koudounaris)

Combining the family-friendly playfulness of GWAR with the grotesque monstrosities of fast food, the L.A.-based Mac Sabbath plays fast and loud with quick-service restaurants, taking Black Sabbath songs and repackaging them as spoofs about how assembly-line meals are slowly poisoning the world at the behest of the government. The band’s complicated backstory involves a bunch of Monsanto-bred mutants, traveling through time and space to warn us all about the oppressive dangers of mass-produced, genetically engineered food. Still, its pleasures are more visceral—and funnier—than this Adbusters copy would suggest. All you really need to know is that Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice, and Catburglar have a surprising technical mastery and an over-the-top showmanship that’s made them last far, far longer (and play stages far, far bigger) than the one-note joke of their premise might suggest.

You can see that for yourself in the band’s unreleased video for “Pair-A-Buns,” debuting exclusively here at The A.V. Club. Filmed and edited by Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies) and featuring Claymation by Brad Uyeda, the clip takes a blistering run through its reconfigured version of Sabbath’s “Paranoid” while a demonic Ronald wages a gruesomely violent gun battle with fast-food mascots like Colonel Sanders, Jack In The Box’s Jack, the Wendy’s girl, and even the stupid little Happy Star from Hardee’s. You can get a Flexi-Disc of “Pair-A-Buns”—the band’s sole studio recording to date—inside the Mac Sabbath coloring book, now available through its website.

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