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For fans of the action genre, John Wick was an entertaining return to form for an amoral, one-man wrecking crew. Watching Keanu Reeves as the titular figure work his way through waves of bodyguards, henchmen, and other assorted soon-to-be corpses was a thing of perfectly executed stunt beauty. But just how many people did John Wick dispatch in that movie? And how did most of them go out?


Thanks to a video by Nick DiNizio we now know the answers to be “76” and “headshots.” Lots of headshots. The compilation video goes through the entire film and tracks all of the goons that Wick kills over the course of the 101 minute running time. That’s a lot of death to hand out in such a short amount of time. T

Moreover, the video is a great encapsulation of the excellent fight and gun choreography from Chad Stahelski and David Leitch’s movie and is well worth watching just to see Reeves carve his way through the Russian underworld with so much efficiency. Obviously, the whole thing is a spoiler for the film, but it’s all killer and no filler in this video that reminds viewers why you don’t mess with a man’s dog.

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