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Watch Dutch shoppers react as a 7-foot-tall orc wanders a supermarket

As the great wallaby philosopher Rocko once opined, grocery day can be a very dangerous day. Wet floors, pisos mojados, falling prices—the threats are endless. And now, thanks to the following video, you can add orcs to the mix.

This is a video of Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richters made up to look like an Uruk-hai warrior from The Lord Of The Rings by aspring make-up artist Rossane Puck Aafjes. Aafjes created the make-up as part of a school project, but once it was finished, she and Richters decided to have a little fun showing their work off in public. Richters wanders a supermarket as onlookers stare, occasionally treating them to a growl or snarl. It’s an incredible make-up job, and it transforms the spectacle of the seven-foot-tall giant standing patiently in line to buy a small toy duck into a surreal joy.


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